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The Band
      The Rhythm Express Band is comprised of gifted individuals with a wide variety of experiences. Each carefully selected member complements the group with a different combination of talent and style, and is also professional, yet friendly and down-to-earth.
    Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the band that distinguishes The Rhythm Express from other bands is that each member of the group sings. This rarity among musical ensembles enables The Rhythm Express to perform a dynamic selection of music designed to appeal to all walks of life, and it's not uncommon to find audiences having fun making a guessing game of which song the band will do next.
Meet The Rhythm Express Band:
    Vocalist Rachele Piet has a voice that drips with sweetness and a smile that will melt you. Her captivating presence is no surprise, given that she's been a performer since age 12, and has a background in competitive cheer. Born and raised in Sacramento, Rachele can't seem to contain her passion for music, as she can often be found sneaking in a bit of Karaoke at her favorite haunts during her spare time. More than a singer, Rachele is also a composed MC at events. With all that she brings to the table, Rachele is right at home with an event band like The Rhythm Express.      Drummer Kelvin Limm originally hails from Honolulu, Hawaii. Kelvin has played from Hawaii to New York to Hong Kong with groups ranging from jazz bands to show bands and even worship bands. As the time-keeper of the band, instead of dominating the rhythm section, Kelvin prefers a style that complements other members of the band. This unique perspective goes against the grain of a lot of other drummers, and is a welcomed carryover from one of Kelvin's other passion as a dog trainer, an endeavor in which Kelvin believes it is best to be "in tune with dogs".
   Bassist Ron Perry's roots were established in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he comes from a family of bass players. While his extensive experience in what many consider to be the live music capital of the world is indeed impressive, one of Ron's most notable contributions is an extremely wide vocal range you would normally not expect of the "big man of the band" (he's 6'4"). Ron's a music "natural" all around. His musical ear is nothing short of phenomenal, which he applies with ease to the band's musical arrangements.    One of four musician brothers from the San Francisco Bay Area, lead guitarist Mark Lopez established his musical foundation on drums, upon which he later built his guitar skills. Formally educated in music theory, Mark will wow you not only with tasty leads, but also with his beautiful, warm tone. Mark also knows how to create a balanced sound, unlike typical guitarists who seem to prefer being too loud, raunchy and annoying... we're sure you know what we're talking about here! Versatile and complementary, Mark is the perfect fit for a variety cover band the likes of The Rhythm Express.
   Carol Ralph had her eye on the keyboards at a very young age. Raised in Sacramento, Carol's experience ranges from bands to church choirs to solo wedding performances. Carol has an enchanting, disarming voice, and is versed in a wide variety of music from pop to country. With such diverse interests in music, it is not surprising that Carol is equally happy spending her down time in the mountains, as well as on the coast. What are you waiting for?
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